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"The basis of any dramatist's work is the established principles of drama, going back to the Greeks and Shakespeare. I learned a lot of this at Northwestern because the school is so strongly focused on classical drama."
John Logan (C83)
Screenwriter (Skyfall, Penny Dreadful, Rango, Gladiator, Any Given Sunday) and Tony Award winning playwright (Red)
"I believe wholeheartedly in the NU network. Every job I've had since graduation can somehow be traced to a Northwestern connection."
Carey Graeber (C75)
President of NY Women in Film, NY Internship Program Coordinator, member of NUEA, and documentary producer
"With only twelve students, the learning environment was built for extended conversation and critique. The fact that I worked with the same twelve people over a two year period not only provided a great sense of consistency, but also gave us the opportunity to watch each other grow as writers."
Matthew Schwartz (RTF95)
Games Producer at Adult Swim and Content Designer at Cartoon Network New Media
"There's no other program I can think of that blends learning stagecraft with the tools of screenwriting. Learning how to write a play helped me add organic characters to my screenplay and learning how to write a movie helped add a visual sense to my plays. And considering that most successful writers of plays will probably end up working in other medias, it only makes sense to teach them in unity."
Aurin Squire
Nominee, Samuel French Festival
"…media writing at NU is a limit-busting, envelope-pushing, front-line endeavor. It is the natural place for a serious screen/stage writer to pursue an advanced degree, as it the hub of a vast network of professional writers who infuse the program with their energy and expertise and provide a direct, invaluable link between the academy and the industry.”
Timothy Mullaney
Van Lier Fellow
"Playwriting class was the beginning of my love of playwriting and a pivotal course for me.”
Greg Berlanti (C94)
WGA, DGA and Golden Globe nominated writer and producer (The Flash, Arrow, Brothers & Sisters, Pan, Everwood)