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Student Internships

Internships for the Class of 2017

  • Oona O’Leary – Radiant
  • Katherine Royal – Pegasus Theater
  • Adam Hughes – Red Hour Films, David Zucker Entertainment
  • Hope Rehak – Laugh Factory
  • Tyler Zencka – Graduate Research Assistant (NU-Q)
  • Elizabeth Summers – Samuel Goldberg Entertainment
  • Rachel Greenhoe – MPCA/Brad Krevoy Nickelodeon
  • Amanda Lowry – Clubhouse Pictures, Circle of Confusion
  • Daniel de Oliveira dias Carlos – Joe Cacaci / Berkshire Playwrights Lab
  • Molly Pease – Stage 773
  • Sharon Krome – Big Shoulders
  • Catherine Davidson – TV Academy (Warner Brothers – Major Crimes)

Urasa Burapacheep (MFA ’16) interned at Greenlight Films in Bangkok

Pedro Castillo (MFA ’16) interned at After School Matters in Chicago

Patrick Corley (MFA ’16) interned at New Horizons (Roger Corman) in LA  

Jacob Cullen (MFA ’16) interned at Sentinel Pictures in LA

Kate Fahlsing (MFA ’16) interned at Arts + Labor Productions in Chicago

Mercedes Lake (MFA ’16) interned at the Living Room Playmakers in Chicago

Diana Losen (MFA ’16) interned at A Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago

Roger Mason (MFA ’16) interned at the Ensemble Studio Theatre in LA

Thomas Murphey (MFA ’16) interned at the Living Room Playmakers in Chicago

Alexander Phillips (MFA ’16) interned at Full Spectrum Features in Chicago

Lin Tu (MFA ’16) interned at Haven Entertainment in LA

Nayna Agrawal (MFA ’15) was a writing intern at HBO

Elizabeth Archer (MFA ’15) The Jellyvision Lab, Inc in Chicago

Gaetana Poponcini (MFA ’15), Mariana Tesch Morgon (MFA ’15) and Sarah Jarmon (MFA ’15) interned for Sentinel Pictures in Los Angeles

Keegon Schuett (MFA ’15) interned with Chicago theater company Waltzing Mechanics

Mathilde Jourdan (MFA ’15) interned with the Cisneros Group in Florida

Sofya Levitsky-Weitz (MFA ’15) interned as an assistant to comedian Max Amini

Will Arbery (MFA ’15) interned with the Los Angeles Performance Practice

Rodrigo Batista (MFA ’14) interned with Infinity Management International in Los Angeles

Andrew Boozer (MFA ’14) interned at Open Road Films

Jacob Disch (MFA ’14) interned with Bazelevs, the production company of Timur Bekmambetov, director of Wanted and Night Watch.

Rachel DuBose (MFA ’14) interned at Pegasus Players in Chicago

Jessica Felix (MFA ’14) was an intern at Comedy Central in New York

Stephanie Mohr (MFA ’14) interned at Chicago Dramatists

Onicia Muller (MFA ’14) was an intern at Caribbean Tales Worldwide Distribution

Tyler Powell (MFA ’14) interned at Theater Wit in Chicago

Shannon Pritchard (MFA ’14) was the intern for the writer’s office of the CW drama Star-Crossed. She also interned for Berlanti Productions, where she assisted in the writer’s office for the CW’s Arrow.

Dustin Wilson (MFA ’14)  was an intern at the Nerdist Industries

Christina Ying (MFA ’14) interned in Los Angeles at One Lens Media

Victor Fanucci (MFA ’13) interned at Sentinal Pictures in Los Angeles

Chad Eschman (MFA ’13) interned at Next Theatre Company

Erin Austin (MFA ’13)  was an intern at Weigel Broadcasting

Jennifer Rumberger (MFA ’13) interned at Chicago Dramatists

John Biggers (MFA ’13) interned with Jill Soloway

Jordan Roth (MFA ’13) interned on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Karen Fisher (MFA ’13)  interned at AMC

Amy Thorstenson (MFA ’13) interned with Scott Free Productions

Chris Bowen (MFA ’12) interned in development at Lionsgate, where he read submitted scripts, wrote coverage and worked a little on the upcoming films Nurse 3-D and Addicted.

David Crawford (MFA ’12) interned with the Alternative Programming department at Syfy in Los Angeles, CA. There he had the opportunity to sit in on development and pitch meetings.

Neal Dandade (MFA ’12) participated in an internship program at Comedy Central called Comedy Central Summer School. As part of his internship, he rotated through a few different departments including the Colbert Report where he sat in on writers meetings with Stephen Colbert and his writing staff and the Daily Show where he met with a writing mentor (Wyatt Cenac) to talk about the writing process.

Erin Hays (MFA ’12) interned in the literary department at Second Stage under the Director of Play Development and the Associate Artistic Director. While there she helped with literary and dramaturgical aspects of their summer 2011 shows as well as attending workshops for their 2011-2012 season.

Allyssa Hynes (MFA ’12) interned at Chicago Dramatists.

Ethan Kass (MFA ’12) worked as an intern at Victory Gardens Theatre.

Jenni Lamb (MFA ’12) did a summer internship at the Writers’ Theatre. There she built a database to organize information on playwright, agents and submissions, assisted a workshop of the new play Hesperia by Randall Colburn that is part of the 2011-2012 season, read and evaluated scripts and solicited scripts from literary agents.

Holly O’Brien (MFA ’12) curated the short film program for Reeling 30: the Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival under the direction of Brenda Webb at Chicago Filmmakers.

Dan Ochwat (MFA ’12) interns two days a week in development at MGM, where he wrote coverage on scripts, read production notes, did clerical tasks for all creative executive’s assistants, and sat in on a daily executive meeting. Three days a week he interned at ICM, considered one of the top 3 agencies. He wrote coverage of scripts from new writers to consider signing or on the behalf of actors or directors that are clients of ICM.

Milta Ortiz (MFA ’12) interned with Participant Media.

Jessy Lauren Smith (MFA ’12) interned with Adventure Stage and Blewt! Productions

Jen Spyra (MFA ’12) worked as a script intern on Conan.

Andy Miara (MFA ’11) has sold a pilot (“My Mans”) to Comedy Central. He will also direct the pilot.

Toby Herman (MFA ’09) has been hired as an associate producer for the Emmy’s. She has also written the script for the 2011 College Television Awards. Previously, she was the promo producer for Lopez Tonight (tbs). Before that, Toby was chosen as the one-hour drama scriptwriting intern for the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences’ summer internship program. She worked on the writing staff of NBC’s new show “My Own Worst Enemy,” contributing web content, scripting a webisode, conducting research and supporting the entire staff.

Stephanie Kornick (MFA ’10) was hired to be the Showrunner’s Assistant on the new NBC Chelsea Handler sitcom based on her memoirs, Are You There Vodka, It’s Me Chelsea.

Kendall Sherwood (MFA ’11) has accepted a position as Script Coordinator at The Closer (where she did her TV Academy internship in summer 2010). She moves to LA in July.

Meridith Friedman (MFA ’10) has been appointed as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Drama at Kenyon College.

Jenny Hagel (MFA ’09) has been hired as a writer on the MTV series, “10 on Top.” Recently, her screenplay, “Product Placement,” written as part of her coursework at NU, was a finalist in the screenplay competition at NewFest. Previously, Jenny interned at MTV Networks, in the LOGO Channel’s Original Programming Department. Her sitcom pilot HUMAN POTENTIAL (produced by Tello Films) was an official selection at the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival and Chicago’s Reeling Film Festival.

Stephanie Kornick (MFA ’10) has been hired as a Writer’s PA on Showtime’s United States of Tara.

Alan Arrivée (MFA ’08) has accepted a Tenure-Track Assistant Professorship of Film/Theatre in The Department of Theatre Arts at the University of Mississippi. He will be helping to start a new interdisciplinary minor in Film Studies. Currently, he is an assistant professor of Theatre & Cinema at Missouri Western State University.

Sarah Gubbins (MFA ’08) has been awarded the Carl Djerassi Fellowship in Playwriting. The fellowship is a one-year appointment in the Creative Writing Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where Sarah will teach playwriting.

Ben Vicciello (MFA ’09) has been appointed tenure-track Assistant Professor of Drama at Kenyon College. Previously, Ben assisted multi-award winning writer/director David H. Bell in the creation of two new full-length musical theater pieces. His 10-minute play BACK STORY was selected by Aspen’s THEATER MASTERS to receive a workshop production in Aspen, as well as a production in New York City as part of 59E59, part of their TAKE TEN festival.

Farhan Arshad (MFA ’10) was selected for Comedy Central’s Summer School program which was founded by Chris Rock. As a “Rocktern”, Farhan spent time in blogging for CC Insider, writing commercials for On-Air promotions, and reading scripts for development. He also had the opportunity to sit in on the writer’s room of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.Upon completion of the internship, he was commissioned to do work for The Jeff Dunham Show.

Alvaro Saar Rios (MFA ’10) interned at Houston’s Alley Theatre, where he read lots of new plays and created study guides for the Education & Community Outreach Department. His play The Crazy Mexican Show was selected for the 2010 Ultimate Latina Theater Festival in NYC and will be produced this summer at The Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe.

Stephanie Kornick (MFA ’10) interned in the Original Programming department at Showtime Networks in Los Angeles, CA, where she had the opportunity to read Showtime scripts, sit in on development meetings, and attend table reads of some of the network’s current shows like Dexter, Californication, and United States of Tara.

Gabrielle Fulton (MFA ’10) spent a portion of the summer in Antalya, Turkey as the Story Producer and Production Director of a reality show pilot called “The Center”. Back in Evanston, she interned at Next Theatre in the Literary Department, reading plays and developing a script database. Gabrielle also had the opportunity to work on script development with the Head Writer of “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns”.

Jordan Mumma (MFA ’10) interned at the Sundance Chanel as a Development intern where she reviewed documentary film, television show proposals and films in progress. She also watched current shows and picked out clips to be used in promotions.

Erica Slutsky (MFA ’10) interned at the New York Television Festival (NYTVF), where she assisted in programming a diverse slate of independently-produced television and web pilots for the 2009 Festival, as well as providing coverage for the 2009 Comedy Script Contest sponsored by FOX and Procter and Gamble Productions.

Greg Hundemer (MFA ’10) interned at Thruline Entertainment, a talent management company in Beverly Hills, where he had a gained experience reading scripts, writing coverage, running errands, and meeting celebrity talent.

Sue Pak (MFA ’10) interned with Victory Gardens Theater in Chicago. During the internship she wrote script coverage and also attended table readings for Year Zero and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety.

Sara Accuardi (MFA ’09) recently finished an internship at Chicago’s Raven Theater, where she worked in the literary office.

Carrie Barrett (MFA ’09) interned in the Writers Office at Ugly Betty at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood and at the production office at Pushing Daisies at Warner Brothers lot in Burbank.

Austin Presley (MFA ’09) spent the summer interning at a post-production house in downtown Chicago where he was able to utilize his technical background while simultaneously gaining valuable experience in the business of digital content creation. As the 2008-2009 Entertainment Partners scholar, he looks forward to re-dedicating himself to his writing in the coming year.

Alex Rojas (MFA ’09) spent the summer interning at TP&R Casting, assisting with office duties and taping various auditions for the casting directors. He is currently going through the festival circuit with his short film TRIPP which premiered at Slamdance in January 2008 and will show at The Chicago Underground Film Festival in late October.

Diane Wiebe (MFA ’09) spent her summer working internships in Los Angeles, including an opportunity to apprentice with Richard J. Lewis, Director of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.