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Jill Leiderman

Jill Leiderman became Executive Producer of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! in April 2006. Over the course of her fourteen years at the show, it grew exponentially into its current 10:35pm CST/1135 pm ET time slot as of January 2013. Jill worked with Jimmy and the JKL team to deliver close to 2,500 episodes and received multiple Emmy nominations. Leiderman learned late-night comedy during her nine-year tenure producing for CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman. She devotes time to many charitable efforts, serving as a board member of organizations such as OneKid OneWorld, Fresh StART, Northwestern University National Advisory Council and loves mentoring students. She is married to comedy director/writer Robert Cohen, (a Canadian who enjoys maple syrup on his eggs), and is mother to their 5 year old son, Rocket.